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a crystallized feeling of swimming upstream in an attempt to fulfill the potential of what has yet come to be

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released January 22, 2016

recorded and mixed by chuck betz in huntington and brooklyn, ny

songs played by mike, fran, luke and dave

cover photo by harold naideau



all rights reserved


giant peach New York

our entire back catalogue now up for download -- all $$ received for gem street demos, callous and strange, people don't believe me, and glow away ghetto way, will be split evenly and donated to Planned Parenthood and the National Immigration Law Center.

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Track Name: your blood
all i want to do is sleep and have this whole thing wash over me
i'm forcing my hands to do the talking, my throat is empty
but there's no ground, it's in the shadow that my mind is broken down and i'm thrown onto the concrete
destructive energy it's seeping in me
it's a backpack thrown on the ground
it's hitting glass with your clenched fist
it's the thing you cannot fix no matter how hard you wish
so open your eyes in the dark until you start to see
a blurry shape forming like an animal struggling underwater
it's poison
it's scraped off skin
that's your blood
Track Name: snake
i fell asleep and to my surprise
a snake slid out between my eyes

if this is real nothing is anymore
nothing the ground can hold and
the light can't melt away

nothin' in this world really matters to me
so let's fall asleep

your hair is getting longer
what else is there?

even you weren't there
i thought i died
right before my eyes

i thought i
Track Name: deserted
the road doesn't go here
vacancy signs are out
there's a cactus in the corner
and i'm scared out of my mind, crying

there are others like me,
who patiently wait between
visits to my neighborhood
when you're back from that alternate universe.
but they all know what it's like to sit beside an open fire.

you're welcome in my room
you're welcome in my bed
you're welcome in my heart
just stay out of my head. no room in here with me

look around.
at the green shit on the ground.
out the window to my right.
at the people in my life.

and try not to peer into every mirror
keep my cool in the summer weather

and don't turn around when i call your name
and don't come around if you're still the same
Track Name: unintentional
it's unintentional when i'm taking these things personally. if there's a better way this can be done, gotta take a step back and figure it out. cause that's the point of communicating and getting to a point. i'm breaking into pieces, i'm getting cracked, but these walls we're getting past.

when you realize something's unintentional and holding us back, and stopping us, like a good throw leaving your hand, you just gotta keep going
Track Name: spike
can i feel it?
or are emotions sifted through the mind
instead of feelings?
like a glove that's got no fingers in it
i look for your voice but i can't hear it
ears ringing

you don't have to say a thing
i understand but
i can tell you're scared stiff just to hold my hand
is everyone avoiding me and
fearing the pits just won't stop sinking..? days are looking like a dream
all the faces turn together every guy's
just a guy every girl's just a girl
can't remember who said it
i thought you'd come over
but i've got no say in it
whether or not this dirty city opens up for me

there must be somethin' you like about the quiet
but i can be loud too
i can be loud too

say you'll be mine
i don't care what they think
there are things that you can't fucking see with yr own eyes
and it's not because i'm scared
not because we're right
or cause we're lonely
not that i was made for you
or that you were made for me
or that there's nothing to do
no bigger prize to win...

i know ya, you'll find another girl.

you'll disappear from my aching brain.

i hope you like what you find out there.

i hope you
Track Name: invisible ceiling
what i'd appreciate is some real god damn thought from myself
before these waves cut off, before the signal's dropped
it just ain't enough to say that it's tough and turn around
i know you too damn well there's no need for nothing heavy
no need for this feeling sinking in me like i'm sinking

i think it's like you are that invisible ceiling that i fall on when my stomach drops and i feel that inside out sensation
so solid but it's like a dotted line
it's like you see where it is
it saves you, it holds you
it's like you see where it is
but you only know it's there when you fall on it

the same thing that holds you up brings you down
on the horizon i ain't sinking but pushed out
'cause there's just something right about the straight line
what i am today is what's left not what's been sanded away
i think i'm ok
Track Name: breaking glass statues
in my room again, the sounds of
cars lapping like waves
wish you were here so you could see
the candles and the sounds from my stereo

can you feel what's real
more than me?
beneath the sounds? to feel the fire -
like it's already mine
that i can almost taste
you're the one i want tonight
and i don't even know you

despite what i might say to you
it won't come out of my mouth
cause i shrink from what everyone will think
of breaking glass statues with or
without another drink in me

what a god damn fool
in front of mute tv screens
something about you took me back
to a time before, to another world
but now your face is small
slowly sinking in the sea of other
imaginary choices i won't make

i just tread in place
till someone makes a wave
big enough to send me on my way

so i'll stare into the flame till i'm quiet
i'll stare into the flame till i'm mesmerized
i'll stare into the flame till it's all i see -

so i don't have to turn around
and look at what
i've already got
(it's just too much)
Track Name: fight
sunlight fades
outta my control

and day gives way to night
when chosen isolation's replaced by
a loneliness that i cant fight
and doubt fills every corner
that used to feel right

i can't see anything at all
left with delusions barely realized
compulsively wondering who to call
swept by influence i know's a lie

you're the mirror that i look in late at night
but fear still stands between me and
the shadows that are mine
no matter how hard i try
it steals away when i'm not looking, as if to escape

cause i don't deserve it.
and don't i know it?

maybe your truth just surfaces in time
but everyone keeps telling me
it's not there to find
my balinese star says i'm dust in the wind
direction slips away when i'm not looking, as if to escape

cause i don't deserve it.
and don't i know it?
Track Name: the end
is this the end? i'm cracking to death and you're dry and sleeping
i still can't really clear my head
this is about opening and talking to my friends and making space, not caving in
this is about vocalizing the pain that i'm in, what i've been experiencing
pulled over on the side of the white road lines at midnight with our minds raging
it didn't need to end like this, we can do this night again
the next word out of your mouth better figure this whole thing out
Track Name: better off at sea
i'm resting with my head down, i didn't know what it meant
i had to jump back and look at myself from far away
i can figure things out that way, but it's still hard for me to always know what to say
i can only have done what i've done
just gotta take a step back and look from another place
take talking serious but don't stop looking at my face, don't stop doing things like that
if i were to keep looking for the rest of my life for a piece of glass that was half as nice
as what you were to me i'm better off at sea
there's nothing good to be said about trapping a beautiful thing
the worst trap of all is the one you didn't know that you made
the one you knew you didn't make