Callous and Strange

by giant peach

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100% OF ALL $$ RECEIVED FOR THIS RELEASE (digital + physical) will be split evenly and donated to Planned Parenthood and the National Immigration Law Center.

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while mike was steadily developing his mad scientist space alien lightning static beastie zombie neil jung splatter paint guitar style,
från was catatonic face down in nearly the rock bottom of her life's big depression and managed to shit out one song a year, two times, despite having no personality whatsoever.
dave kept them alive, fueling them with a fire that burned on nervous energy, basketball trivia, magic the gathering, and other subjects requiring an encyclopedic memory and a mind for strategy. and they released this and thought it turned out pretty good after all.

-~~--~-- ❀ --~~~- ❀ ~-~~~ ❀ ---~~-- ❀ ~-~~-- ❀ --~-~~-

this EP is a split release from
Rok Lok Records
and Life On An Island Records

write to us at:


released May 6, 2012

recorded and mixed by brian chaudhry at blue sunshine studio

guitars and words by mike and frances
drums by dave

art by fran



all rights reserved


giant peach New York

our entire back catalogue now up for download -- all $$ received for gem street demos, callous and strange, people don't believe me, and glow away ghetto way, will be split evenly and donated to Planned Parenthood and the National Immigration Law Center.

write to us at
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Track Name: Almost Dying
don't think twice about breathing, the same water in you will knock you down, and like the still bird lying on the pavement, almost dying, the setting sun'll look you in the eye.

and under my feet there's a beat sinking into the street. and then i'm lying there like the dead bird on the ground - that's too far down

and my mind gets stuck and i keep saying things'll change. its energy digging its roots in me

i'm freezing cold and awake
i'm breathing in everything that i can take but there's something new - just out of reach
buried in a pile of all the things i never said

now it's pounded tight by my sinking fist
i'm closing my eyes but only getting an inch

she said it over and over, not gonna say it again
Track Name: My Love
there's a spider in the hole where the tune escapes
where it's formless before it comes to be.

isn't it dry to be happy by calculating how to function functionally? larger constructs taste so bitter but there are no words with which to better watch all my faces pour, hard as i try, onto the floor,
and wrench itself into something nicer

love, it ain't the truth
it only makes it harder to

feel the heat and flood of holding in dreams of stranger warmth that barely pass in silence

how i wanted to be kind to those quiet eyes, a shame that we both knew

i could've done it there on the sidewalk, of course i stopped. it's hard to remember what's actually important sometimes

how i wanted to be kind to that closing door but dread crept in too soon.

a person not a story, help me find my hands in this dream,
let me guard myself to sleep,
before it flips like a coin planet.
a person not a ghost, we all leave imprints in our wake, could be i tread too deeply in the sand
Track Name: No Fire
i know i'm not thinking all of the time
i think all the time, i know it's no use, it's no use.

friendships that breeze are fine, they validate, with faithfulness proved in oral displays, and goodness a cultural taste.

maybe i glamorize, it's hard to stay suspended between yourself and your mind.

and then i realize these things have changed, contorted in hand, i'm passive and grey and at their mercy - my reality is lost in the race.

what they want, like fire it drives
what i want passes from sight, seems so far away
Track Name: Wild Dogs
you're dead dust and so am i
wild dogs and eyes
so lay down every day with me
until there are no days

till then, float nowhere
sirens blowing in the wind
but i want to wake up
i wanna feel a heart beating

i'm riding round, my shoes wrecked down
on the ground, slowing down
broken down for a minute
kicked around, gettin stretched out

i love the look on your face
when i haven't seen you in awhile
and then you come for a visit
cuz it's exactly how i feel